Small World launched Freewheelin´, Iron Couple and Death and Taxes at Mipcom 2018.

 In Freewheelin´, we join two comedians on a hilarious bike ride through history. Learn about lore and culture from native sports stars, musicians and celebrities who hail from the area. Locals also share and experience their region´s history through games, sketches and general shenanigans.  

Iron Couple the entertainment travel show where we follow a famous couple willing to undertake an unusual mission: To take on the most unpredictable and unforgettable challenges in their life and put their relationship to the test. Each challenge is created especially based on their weak points, phobias and fears. How will the celebrities handle themselves in these situations? And to what lengths will they go for each other? Will like what they find out about each other? 

Death and Taxes is an exciting brand new trivia based game show where a gigantic bingo cage represents life. Contestants will navigate the game´s dramatic ups and downs with no control of the outcome.  The cage of life is filled with mostly great moments (big money question balls). However it´s also filled with life´s inevitably bad moments DEATH AND TAXES, which will cost you money and ultimately your life in the game.

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