Small World launched ProcrastiNation, Sing My Song and Bargain King at this year’s MIPTV.

ProcrastiNation. The new game show which tackles a problem that we all deal with in a fast paced, high pressure environment, that tests contestants’ skills in a diverse range of challenges. The longer contestants take to start each task – the better! Will you wait or will you play?

Sing My Song is the new reality show that’s all about the song, bringing the music format to a whole new level. Four famous artists become coaches who scout for the best singer-songwriters with the best songs. But only one songwriter can be the winner… and only one song! China’s number one hit format showcasing creation and performance of original songs is now available worldwide.

Also new from MIPTV is Bargain King, a hit game show that sees two teams of celebrities battle it out to discover who’s the best at guessing the value of different flea market finds and antiques. The team who makes the most money progresses to the finale and competes to be crowned that week’s ‘Bargain King’. It’s all about bluffing, guessing, buying, selling, bargaining and having fun.

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