Singapore-based distribution/production agency, Bomanbridge Media, has brokered a deal for its partner, Small World IFT, the Los Angeles and London-based formats’ company, with Star China International Media to produce a local version of the hit reality makeover series, Miss Country Girl.

This follows a previous deal with TV 3 in Thailand last year for the format.

Originally produced by Media Factory for Prima TV in Romania, Miss Country Girl is a competitive reality show that transforms country girls into empowered young women. The series will make its debut in China later this year with a 13 episode series to be produced by Starry Productions, a division of Star China International Media.

Aegena Tay, Bomanbridge Media Director of Development said, “Following our deal in Thailand last year of Miss Country Girl, China was our next dream for Asian localization. We identified this show as a perfect fit for the Chinese audience and look forward to implementing it with the cultural nuances that China requires. We are confident our partner Star China will produce an excellent show, with a great success story.”

Vivian Yin, Chief Representative of Star China International Media and VP of Starry Production said, “Star China is well known as a producer of the top formats in China. Everyone is looking for the next big hit in China and we are sure to claim it with Miss Country Girl. We highly value our partnership with Bomanbridge Media and thank them for bringing us this inspiring project.”

Tim Crescenti, President at Small World IFT, commented, “We’re delighted to expand on the international reach of Miss Country Girl with this significant deal in China, brokered by our Asian partner, Bomanbridge Media. The series has already proven to be a fantastic success in Thailand as well as Romania, and will now reach a huge audience in China. Unlike other transformational reality shows, Miss Country Girl is incredibly warm-hearted and redefines what “beauty” truly is, proving that anyone – from anywhere – can show their beauty to the whole country.”

Now in its sixth season in Romania, where it repeatedly out-performs international reality format staples and scores highly across all demographics, Miss Country Girl transforms unsuspecting natural beauties from all over the country into natural superstars who realize they can be, and do, anything they want.

Six celebrities – musicians, models, actors and comedians – are sent to remote villages in their country with a very special mission – to find the most beautiful young women to represent their area. Just six girls are selected to travel to the capital city for a boot camp on all facets of modeling and beauty – where they will be trained and judged by the very celebrities who chose them. Each series culminates in a live grand finale, as one girl is crownedMiss Country Girl. Created by Marius Toader, the success of Miss Country Girl has also led to spin off seriesI’m a Country Boy and Country Girls and Country Boys.

About Star China International Media LTD.
Star China Media Ltd. (Star China) is a leading media entertainment group in China with businesses ranging from TV production, broadcasting, filmmaking, artist management, music and concert production. As of January 2014, China Media Capital acquired the remaining 47% share from 20th Century Fox to become the sole owner of Star China Media Ltd. Its 3 channels cover the Chinese-speaking audience across Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia and its top rated shows include: The Voice of China, China’s Got Talent, Amazing Chinese and So You Think You Can Dance. In 2014, Star China created, and CCTV 3 aired, the first original, native Chinese format – Sing My Song – with a total season viewership of 480 million, total viewer share of 37% in China (from CSM) and CCTV 3’s ratings increased by 59% compared to previous year, same time slot. The show’s viewers represented a high educational background (University+), an increase of 45% on top of the channel’s average. Sing My Song is currently being distributed internationally. Star China has established relationships with China’s leading platforms including CCTV, Dragon TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Shandong Satellite TV, and more. Star China takes an unwavering commitment to spread Chinese culture to the world stage with a particular focus on three strategic businesses: Music, Television and Film. Official website: www.xingkong.com.cn and English-language press website www.starchinapress.com

About Bomanbridge Media
Bomanbridge Media is a leading Singapore-based distribution agency and production company, exclusively representing renowned programming from around the world. The company’s team earned a stellar reputation in the region as the go-to people to get deals done. The company’s diverse catalogue currently holds over 4,000 hours of top quality programming consisting of Formats, Lifestyle, Factual, Drama, Kids and Educational. Serving as both brand strategist and program distributor for entry into the Asia Pacific markets, the acquisition team continually handpicks select products for multi-territory acquisition and distribution. Bomanbridge offers compelling, ratings-driving content for the international market; presents sophisticated market solutions to build brand awareness; fosters understanding between cultures in the entertainment industry; and delivers successful revenue returns. Bomanbridge makes a complicated market profitable for its clients in the region, offering guidance and providing confidence to producers who want to enter the lucrative, emerging Asian market. www.bomanbridge.tv

About Small World IFT
Small World IFT was founded in 2005 by Tim and Colleen Crescenti to find, acquire and distribute the most unique and entertaining formats. With over 29 years of experience, producing over 159 shows in 63 countries, Small World has placed four format titles on US networks (totaling 11 seasons) and 25 format titles in the rest of the world, including such titles as Silent Library and the 2008 Rose d’Or winning I Survived a Japanese Game Showon ABC as well as adaptations on TV4 Sweden, TV3 Norway and Antenna in Greece. Other format finds includeMiss Country Girl, The Night Patrol, and The Fan which have all recently launched in additional countries in the past few months from Sweden to Thailand. Small World IFT signed an ongoing strategic deal with global entertainment company Content Media Corporation in 2012, which sees Content’s management team and sales executives working closely with Small World to build a global formats sales company.

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