small world big ideas

Final submissions are being received for the Small World. Big Ideas contest – deadline March 6, 2015.

The contest is looking for new non-scripted entertainment formats. The winner of the Small World. Big Ideas contest, organised by Media Resources Management (Ukraine) and backed by Small World IFT (USA) will get:

– A partnership with global format distributor Small World IFT.
– A participant badge to attend MIPTV+ MIPFormats+MIPDoc (April 11-16, Cannes, France).
– Air travel Kiev-Nice-Kiev.

The contest is open to broadcasters, production companies, independent creators and producers from all over the world to present their new and original ideas of non-scripted entertainment formats.

The submitted concepts can be at any development stage: starting from paper format and on out to the program that has already been broadcast or commissioned (in this case worldwide format rights availability is a must).

The deadline for submitting the projects and sending any additional materials is March 6, 2015.

Ideas will be selected by the following criteria:

• Innovation;
• Creativity/originality;
• Potential to develop multiple series;
• Potential to travel around the world as a format;
• Potential to become cross-media and multiplatform format;
• To be non-scripted entertainment format.

Five finalists will be selected by an international Judging panel and announced on March 16.

Final round of the Small World. Big Ideas contest will be held in the course of Format Show Spring Edition screening and conference on March 27, 2015 in Kiev, Ukraine.

The Small World. Big Ideas winner will get an exclusive opportunity to launch their idea into the global format community:

1. The prize provided by the Partner of Small World. Big Ideas – Small World IFT:

– Small World IFT to become exclusive worldwide distributor, adding the format to their catalogue and presenting it at all major television markets globally.
– Small World IFT to provide development expertise in adapting format for various territories.
– Small World IFT fund production of a sizzle reel and officially launch format at MIPCOM 2015.

2. The prize provided by the International partner of the Format Show Spring Edition – MIPTV:

– MIPTV 2015 participant badge.
– MIPFormats and MIPDoc participant badge.

3. The Prize provided by the Travel partner of the Format Show Spring Edition – KIY AVIA (Ukraine):

– Air travel Kyiv-Nice-Kyiv, to attend the above mentioned events in Cannes, France.

“I’m very glad that we managed to form such a magnificent prize for Small World. Big Ideas contest winner. Guaranteed partnership with international distributor Small World IFT and free participant badge to attend MIPTV and MIPFormats – it’s a lucky ticket to the worlds’ format business Major League. And if this unique chance is used to the full – will depend only on the winner. It takes creators years for their ideas to get noticed by international distributors, moreover Cannes market is not that approachable for TV business newcomers. We offer both of these privileges at once. I hope that we will get a great bunch of strong, interesting and original ideas that are worth winning SMALL WORLD. BIG IDEAS prize. It is the high time for us to give opportunities to talents and for talents to use such opportunities in their own favour” – Victoria Yarmoshchuk, CEO, Media Resources Management.

For more information and to submit an application please see: