EXCLUSIVE: MGM Television is searching out international formats with U.S. potential after striking a deal with Small World IFT, the company behind NBC’s Better Late Than Never. Small World IFT was founded by former Sony exec Tim Crescenti, the man who discovered the Japanese format that became ABC’s Shark Tank and BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

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May 12, 2020

Better Late Than Never Netherlands Season Two Debuts to Huge Ratings

RTL4 in the Netherlands launched the second season of the reality series ‘Beter Laat Dan Nooit’ to 1.08 million viewers and a 16.5% audience share in the 6+ on Tuesday, May 5, above the average. The local adaptation of the format Grandpas over Flowers in which the host goes on a trip to Latin America with four senior celebrities.

Source: SKO / RTL4. Prod: Blue Circle (Fremantle) / The Wit

April 23, 2020

Grandpas Over Flowers renewed in the Netherlands and picked up for development in the UK by Graham Norton’s So Television

South Korean unscripted format Grandpas Over Flowers (aka Better Late Than Never) has been renewed in the Netherlands and picked up for development in the UK.

Dutch commercial broadcaster RTL4 has picked up the format for a second season after extending the licence deal it struck with US-based format distributor Small World IFT for season one.

Fremantle-owned Blue Circle is producing the six-episode new season, which was shot in South America earlier this year and will debut in the 20.30 slot on May 5. With a new host in actor Katja Schuurman, the show was shot in Surinam, Mexico, Cuba and Brazil and production was completed a few weeks before the Covid-19 pandemic shuttered productions worldwide.

RTL4’s first season of the show aired in summer 2018, and the Netherlands is one of 10 countries where the format from Korea’s CJ ENM has been picked up for local production. As well as South Korea, the format has also been produced for broadcasters in the US, Italy, Turkey, France, Thailand, Poland, Israel and China.

In related news, Irish TV presenter Graham Norton’s UK-based and ITV-owned production company So Television has acquired the rights to the format to develop for the UK market, after a deal with Small World.

Small World president Tim Crescenti told C21 that further options for the format had been inked with companies in Australia, Belgium, India and Portugal.

“In these crazy times, when people can’t even leave their homes, getting to travel vicariously through this fun format is fantastic. Plus you get top-notch entertainment with these veteran celebs – sort of like travel porn,” Crescenti said.

“Secondly, we are proud to announce a recent agreement with Graham Norton’s So TV with Graham Stuart for a UK adaptation of Better Late Than Never, aka Grandpas Over Flowers. Likely Graham Norton and Graham Stuart will be executive producers as they begin to develop it over the summer.”

Based on the original format Grandpas Over Flowers, which secured record-breaking viewing figures on CJ-owned channel TVN in South Korea, the reality format features four celebrities of a certain age and one young backpacker, who go on a daunting journey together.

Diane Min, format sales manager at CJ ENM, said she was “thrilled to have Grandpas Over Flowers renewed in the Netherlands. I hope it can entertain Dutch fans with travel, sightseeing and chemistry between the cast.”


April 3, 2020

5 Tips for TV Game Show Producers, from Small World IFT’s Tim Crescenti

Are you choosing ideas to take to market? What do broadcasters want to see before they commit? Click here to read format business veteran Tim Crescenti’s top 5 tips for TV Game Show Producers navigating the marketplace in conversation with reporter Andy Fry.

March 8, 2020

Sabrina Sato on Big in Japan!

Big in Japan launches tonight with host Sabrina Sato from the Domingo Show in Brazil on Record TV at 11PM!
VIDEO in comments: Contestants dressed up in rat suits are blindfolded and have to catch bottles of milk as they fall from a conveyor. Yup, sounds Big in Japan has brought the craziness to televisions in Brazil and around the world!

February 28, 2020

A Win for the format “Win Your Country!”

“Win Romania” or locally known as “Castiga Romania”, returns on March 30th on TVR 2 for it’s 7th season!

A huge congratulations to TVR family and “Casta Romania!” crew. Read the article.


January 17, 2020

Blackout named as “among the most important formats on the international market”

Broadcast Magazine names Small World’s Blackout as “among the most important formats on the international market”. Check it out in their recent article, “Five Formats with Potential” by John Elmes. Not too shabby! https://buff.ly/3764htd

January 16, 2020

Japan Game Show Invasion is going to Brazil!

The format is a spin-off of the global hit Big in Japan. Currently being adapted and developed by Record TV, this Small World format created by Babyfoot gives locals the experience of taking part in a wild and wacky Japanese style game show in their own backyard. Slated to air within the entertainment show “Programa da Sabrina”. Check out the original format trailer on our website: https://smallworldintl.com/members/japan-game-show-invasion/

January 8, 2020

Got What It Takes 5th season on CBBC today!

Got What It Takes just premiered their first episode of the 5th season on CBBC today! Already ranked in the top 20 of all BBC shows on Iplayer, it’s clear this Small World-Media Factory format has really got what it takes.