Win Your Country!

Everyone says they love their country. But how much do they really know about it?

Genre: Game Show
Created by: Zucchero Media


Win Your Country! is the ultimate studio-based quiz show where contestants win big if they can prove they really know their country. Awarded special by Professional Associations of TV and Radio Producers in 2019, best quiz show in Romania in 2018 by TV Mania; the best rated show on the channel. Nominated as best studio gameshow on C21 and EBU Berlin (Rose d’Or event). 

Based on the original hit format, Win Romania!, now on it’s 7th season and tripled the channel share in its prime-time debut on TVR. Over 320 episodes have been produced with contestants battling it out state by state, region by region, or city by city, players compete over three intense rounds.

Each contestant starts with a chosen territory (state, province, city) and must “conquer” neighbouring regions by answering a series of questions about that specific territory. Only then will they be able to make it to the next level where a cat-and-mouse game ensues and the remaining opponents try to reach each other’s territory first, leaving just one to battle for the prize money in the final round.

Win Your Country! is a tension packed quiz show that gives audiences a chance to play along and test their own knowledge and patriotism of the place they call home.


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Best Gameshow of the Year at the 2017 TV MANIA awards ceremony in Romania – winning against The Wall, Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud.
Awarded the prestigious Television Prize of 2018 from the Romanian Television Professionals Association (Asociaţia Profesioniştilor de Televiziune din România (APTR))


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