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What If...?

An alternative and bizarre look at history.

What If…? is a bizarre, re-filtered, alternative look at history.

What if the French won the French-Indian War? What if Mick Jagger dated Yoko Ono? What if The Cosby Show had not been greenlit? With an eclectic panel of guests and host, this unique format with a revisionist twist will see “history” upended using re-enactments, holograms, augmented reality, animated vignettes and acting troupes to reveal a surprising “new past.”

Premiering this spring and in the works for season two in its native Finland, What If…? was public broadcaster YLE’s summer hit smash in a very competitive entertainment slot. Season one was all filmed remotely using modern technology and Covid19-friendly production methods.

The original series runs for 42 minutes and covers 7-8 topics per episode by the host and three or four panelists. Opening with the topic of discussion; a recap of the actual history; the debate among the panelists; the verdict of the new history finishing on the reveal of a new past.

What If is a male-skewing entertaining look at revisionist, re-constructed history and targeting audiences that enjoy Drunk History and Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History. We will have guests, experts, even the public pontificate, debate what would have, should have and could have happened. One small change in history creates a domino effect which can affect the course of history.

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