Teenagers believe they would be better off parenting themselves…we make it true in this hidden camera show

Teenagers around the world desperately want to be an adult. They want freedom from their parents. Freedom to make their own decisions. Freedom to have their own money and live their own lives..

“Unsupervised” follows five teenagers left on their own for one week with a $500 budget to… Get a job… Make all their own decisions…Feed themselves… Budget their money… Solve adult problems… And do it all unsupervised.

Are they prepared to handle true adult responsibility? Can they successfully look after the neighbor’s children? Will they pay all of their bills on time or spend all of their money on entertainment? Can they deal with a noise complaint when the neighbors call the police? Will they stay up too late and miss work, or go to bed on time and succeed?

Experts, psychologists, and their parents will secretly be watching them all week. At the end, the kids will be sent to a meeting where the families will be reunited and evaluated.

In the emotional finale to this series, the families will discuss what they all learned about each other and how it has changed their outlook on living unsupervised.

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