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The Auditor

The Auditor

Sleeping in every room, eating every bite...so you won't have to

Do you trust the hotel mattresses you sleep on? Do you know what happens in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant while your food is prepared? What kind of secrets are the staff of your grocery store keeping from you?

In each episode, THE AUDITOR takes their team to a different city, going undercover as hotel guests and restaurant customers to see what really goes on when the staff doesn’t know their being audited.

During the inspection the auditor acts as a normal, but exacting customer and evaluates each venue based on a number of criteria, including exterior, interior, price policy, cleanness, service, specialties, etc. in order to make his final decision on whether or not to award them his signature certificate of recommendation.

Originally produced by Novy TV Ukraine.

Format Highlights


  • On air for 9 consecutive seasons, beginning in 2011.
  • Russian adaptation produced four seasons & doubled the channel’s average ratings.
  • Made the Ukrainian Book of Records for gaining more subscribers than any other Ukrainian Facebook page.
  • Winner of numerous Ukrainian TV Awards including “Favourite TV Show” in 2013.
  • Most successful original show on on Novy Channel
  • First three seasons in Ukraine performed 46% higher than average channel share.
  • Proven appeal across all ages.


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The Auditor
The Auditor

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