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The smash-hit interactive talent/stunt battle show format

In Showdown, competitors, comprising a diverse range of world champions and record holders, compete in the most thrilling challenges and stunts to prove themselves to be the best.

Each episode presents five spectacular challenges such as ‘Fly Over Cars’, ‘Cross Fires’ and ‘Beat Gravity’. Showdown is the first stunt battle format to invite its audience to be part of the show – with viewers at home guessing the result of each challenge in real time via an interactive platform, with cash prizes up for grabs to those that predict the correct winners.

Not just another talent show, Showdown has a big heart and many emotional layers amidst these battles. Competitors may be long-time rivals, or a young hot amateur battling his or her idol for the first time. Watch as the celebrity captains question each challenger as to their feelings and nerves about their upcoming epic battle – and these celebrity captains are winning prizes not only for the studio audience, but also the viewers at home, who must watch it live using the simple app, to win – DVR-proof!

No judges. No mentors. These challenges are real and emotions will run high.

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