Kids Vs. Celebs

The most fun you can have watching Kids beat Celebs.

Kids Vs Celebs is our high-pitched, high-stakes, shiny floor entertainment talent game show leading the way to the front of the international scene. The brainchild of Ukraine’s Novy TV, pits celebrities and kids talented beyond their years in suspenseful, sense-defying competitions to see who is the best.

The show turned heads last year with rising audience figures and a 31% increase in its time slot (10% higher in the channel average for audiences aged between 14-49). Season two has been hotly anticipated in Novy TV’s crowded fall channel lineup, returning with a new look and challenges.

Key Selling Points

  • Season two premiered 43% higher than the channel’s average for 2020 and 8% higher than season one’s premiere
  • All territories available, excluding Ukraine
  • Fun for the whole family – the ratings are strong across all demos
  • Mix of individual and team competitions
  • The show increased its audience from start to finish with the key audience by 20 – 25%
  • 60% of the audience are women
  • The core audience are women–men 14 – 37

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