Game Show

Japan Game Show Invasion

Cultures collide in this award winning hit wacky reality gameshow

In this spin off of Big in Japan (I Survived a Japanese Gameshow), a Japanese game show comes to your country to participate in local customs and traditions, and compete in the wacky Japanese style studio games made famous in Big in Japan. All the crazy, outrageous games from Japan are coming to your country, along with a cast of wacky Japanese who will coach, torment, and ultimately bond with locals. 40 US broadcast in 2013 -14, the first 20 episode smashed ratings across key demographics! 20 more episodes will broadcast in April 2014.

Along with all the authentic games from Big in Japan –complete with conveyor belts, velcro walls, giant fans and spinning chairs – you also get the famous Japanese game show host and his crazy sidekick judge.Between competitions in the studio, the Japanese host and judge will experience a reverse culture clash, by enjoying local traditions, cuisines and mingling with locals, like speed dating, sports and language classes, in what’s sure to be hilarious encounters.

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