I'm A Country Boy

Transforming Rural Guys to Catwalk Gods

I’m A Country Boy finds hard-working, fun loving, creative young men proud of their traditions from the countryside and challenges them to transform and fulfil their potential as true gentlemen.

Six celebrities are sent to villages around the country to seek door to door the most promising contestant through a casting and elimination process that also sees the celebs learn more about the village’s values and people. Each episode builds to a spectacular showcase bringing the locals together as they award the best country boy to go to the city and represent their village for the title and cash prize.

In the city they will face winners from other villages in trials that demonstrate their physical prowess, urban orientation, elegance and on-stage behaviour and presence. The country boys are trained by a dynamic team of choreographers, dancers, stylists, make-up artists and hair-stylists to build on their new look whilst training them in fitness, dancing and attitude.

Key Selling Points


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