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Before I Do

Before I Do

An unsuspecting bride or groom is hijacked and taken to their perfect bachelor party

In this heartfelt weekly hour-long show, friends of an unsuspecting bride or groom enlist the help of a party planner to orchestrate an unforgettable bachelor(ette) party.

The host/planner gathers intel on what makes the guest of honor tick; what their likes and dislikes are, and what fears and phobia they may have. Using this information the host and their team create a custom experience that is sure to delight, excite, and even terrify the guest of honor.

The friends will join their soon to be married mate as they are whisked away for this memorable adventure. A once in a lifetime experience, “Before I Do” raises the bar for one of the most important celebrations of our lives, thrilling viewers at home and creating memories that last a lifetime for those involved.

Format Highlights


  • Season 1 currently airing in Finland on Ruttu TV.
  • Cost effective
  • Short production window
  • Simple structure – Each episode has 5 core acts that feature in the execution of the party including research, planning, adrenaline stunt, live performance and an emotional dinner celebrating the person. Finally, the icing on the cake, or in this case… wedding cake, the guest of honor is surprised one last time with the appearance of a special guest or celebrity they admire.


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