Leading Finnish production company Aito Media tackles one of the most burning international topics by launching brand new entertainment format Fake News at the Realscreen Summit in Washington DC – the event which will be held straight after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Fake News builds on a phenomenon highlighted by the past US presidential elections. It is getting increasingly hard to separate real news from fake news. The timing for our show is perfect,” says Ilkka Hynninen, CEO of Aito Media.

In the brand new format, celebrity contestants are faced with exactly this challenge. Their tasks range from separating real news from fake, to creating fake news of their own and telling incredible stories from their own life.

“The audience is addicted to bogus and totally fake news. We want to harness this addiction with a show that is at the same time entertaining but also exposes the way we consume media,” says Eero Hietala, the creative director and Chairman of Aito.

The format will be distributed in the global market by Small World IFT.