Small World launched Fake Dad and Generations On Tour at this year’s MIPTV.

Fake Dad is the ultimate meet-the-parents preparation! It is a well-known fact that dads are not always particularly fond of their daughter’s boyfriends. And for the boyfriend, meeting the family is one of the most dreaded moments – a tough and scary challenge. A comedy hit on Japan’s TV Asahi, on air for over 15 years, Fake Dad features a boyfriend meeting his girlfriend’s father for the first time. But at the request of the girlfriend, the unassuming boyfriend is actually meeting a fake, sent to check him out and give him the most practical test run. Once dinner is over, the boyfriend finds out that he has been tricked. But it’s all for his own good. Even if the meal was a total disaster, it was only a trial and the real dad is yet to be met. The boy heads on to meet real dad with less butterflies in his stomach… but will he do better than before?

In Generations on Tour, one grandchild whisks away their favourite grandparent on a surprise trip of a lifetime. It’s a journey of fun, exploration and self-discovery as two very different generations get to bond and learn more about each other while exploring the world’s most famous sights. On each day of the vacation, one generation must plan the day’s adventures which both travellers experience together. Grandma might choose ballroom dancing. Grandson might choose getting matching tattoos. At the end of each day, both travellers record a video diary detailing the day’s activities, frustrations and discoveries. With a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime, Generations on Tour is a heart-warming, uplifting family adventure for audiences of all ages.

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